Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Totally blah/bleh days

I am sitting now at the office, trying hard to focus, it's monday and I have so much to do. I can start by reading through the meeting minutes or sending that email which is just forwarding an email I had received 2 days ago with a note saying: can you represent the collective in this meeting?
But I feel so Blah!
You see the weekend wasn't so easy, trying to fill up the coordinator's position is not easy, and it's certainly harder when you still have all your tasks plus some of the coordinator's tasks. Plus last week a rainy week par excellence. Having no car and a lot of meetings and appointments doesn't help at all. And my mood swings don't help at all.
I remember the time when I wrote here about my depression, those were sad days but I am not like that now, I am just tired. I know that all I have to do now is to last another week and I will be fine. I would have remained faithful to my commitments and all. But I am so Bleh right now the only thing I can think of is starting a relationship. I really can't think of work or anything productive.
I hate being sick

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