Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My arabism's revenge to americanism's imperialism

So it's true that Americans are one of the greatest nations when it comes to war, economy, finance and everything... Even Language... look at me I am writing in English, the only reason I do so is because I am influenced by American globalization!
But, not all is lost! Because you see the language thingy? Well Americans suck in English!
I love Americans don't get me wrong, it was just fun, Americans can't spell right :P.
But yeah, i agree with the conclusion that the scientist made:
What is holding the UK and the USA back is the irregular spelling system


pavocavalry said...

nice thoughts

shlemazl said...

Canadians suck even more than Americans do. Oh wait... Is that a good thing?

Pazuzu said...

i donno language is in the end for communication right?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you’re still around, Sthenoistotte. :-)