Friday, February 06, 2009

I have to start thinking

Yes my friends, I am facing the difficult task of thinking about something. I have to put up a draft for an awareness program. And I really felt stuck! I mean, how do you plan a whole program anyway? What should we say and what should we refrain from saying?
I consider myself to be a living human being, and all human beings are capable of thinking. So I can think! But to think wisely or intelligently or efficiently or with a purpose is different. That is not to start talking about formulating it into a proposal.
I remember when Nadine was determined to start the feminist collective she would often steal each one of us and ask us to think with her or to think without her. So that she would have something to think against. Now I was always the type of people that likes to think alone (hence my addiction to this blog), thing is, I just like to be right and in my own space I can be as right as I want to be and have everyone around me (Me, Myself and I) agree with me.
However, if you are presenting something like a proposal that commits to raising awareness about feminist issues and women's issues, it's kind of different, you have to imagine having people around you and disagreeing with you without having anyone around you to disagree with you. I mean i could adopt Nadine's way of doing it, calling out to people to help out, but what about the people that are not in the collective, the people that we are supposed to reach out to. This time we are not planning to reach out to our own people, or to preach to the believers, we want to convert the whole country, and then the whole world!
It's really not that simple. So I guess I will just start by brainstorming on a whiteboard and then see what happens.

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