Thursday, January 08, 2009

Yes I break my silence to say one thing:

All of you people talking about Gaza, on facebook, msn and everyone you can type a whole sentence; all of you putting pictures of slaughtered children in the streets and of scared mothers; all of you giving me crap about the viciousness of Israel… You are the people who care the least about Gaza or Palestine or the children that die pour un oui ou pour un non.
Khalas ba2a, tla3o min rase with your stupid avatars and your stupid words… Khalas hypocrisy dressed in compassion. Stop highjacking online media to do the Jihad you are too chicken to do, what are you looking for? Exposure of the Palestinian cause? Ma Gaza is on every fucking station.
Shi marra face this frightening truth that stares you in the face and bi2ouwa hal ba7sa… The only enemy to the Palestinian cause is Hamas and those lli bishiddo 3a mshadda. Ma ba2a trab7oune jmeele with your bigotry.

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NOMAD said...

Humm got a lot of work, I wasn't aware that you restarted posting :lol:

as far Hamas see where I am on the grill, for good raisons, always !!! guess !!!

and here, but it seems there that it's me that is the "harsh" bone