Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some of the things that have changed

So my last update was in May 2008 and back then I was just reassuring people that I am still alive. My last real post was February 2008. It has been a while, one more month and it would be a whole year.
I often wonder why I stopped posting, I guess i didn't have enough time, I was very busy and I just didn't have the chance to say anything. But I was also emotionally busy. It's sad I guess, I always missed blogging. Blogging was always one of those things that I am most proud of. Weird I know.
So what got me back to blogging? I just realized how close blogging is to my true me. I really don't understand the love game, I don't understand the friendship game and I certainly don't understand the job game.So many games that I don't really understand. But blogging was always one thing that I felt that I understood, all I had to do was to blabber about what seemed relevant to me.
But then again I look back at my blogosphere and I look at all the people that were my blog friends and blog foes... so much has changed...
  • Chris stopped blogging then came back, I always loved his blog.

  • Shlemazl's blog now requires me to get permission to see his posts, but it's ok, I can still read what he writes from my reader :D

  • Nomad is still blogging... She is still my oasis, that has not changed

  • Ezou is blogging again, that's not so good you know... you'll get through this my friend

  • Sandmonkey is still the crazy monkey that he always was... I love this guy

  • Jeha... Oh yes Jeha, the blog that I have been stalking for ever :D... shh don't tell him I am still stalking him.

  • And the others, the others are just blurry for me now...

It's kind of funny, but for me, the one who changed the most is me. Yes I changed a lot. After a broken heart (you could say that I broke it myself) and getting a job, then resigning (Please don't ask about that!) and a more established identity, after visiting Amman, Berlin and most of the Flanders I came back home and realized: You know what? I really like this pazuzu. I like the way she is crazy and sad and happy and moody and smart and totally dumb...
So yeah, my new year's resolution was to take care of this pazuzu more often, I want to read, I want to end up with this fucked up uni and I want to blog :D
let's see how well will I achieve that this year :).


shlemazl said...

Welcome back :) I sent you an invite, although I haven't quite decided what to do about blogging.

ezou said...

So u r back to bug the blogosphere :P
Welcome Back

Pazuzu said...

Yes I am.... Ah the bliss of being unemployed :D
Thanks to both of you
btw ezou... I am still facing that problem with that blog I told you about :-/ I think it's related to the theme

NOMAD said...

happy new year with blogging