Thursday, February 14, 2008

And now let’s see… Why did I refuse to go to Martyr’s square today?

Because of the horrible weather?

Well tropical rain was never the best environment for demonstrations but Beirut always had the talent of pleasantly keeping me wet J so if this year’s celebration would have seduced my heart the rain wouldn’t have stopped me.

The horrible gunshots?

Well it scared me but if it proved anything it proved that staying at home won’t protect me, weapons can come to my home.

The fear of trouble?

I have been hearing a lot about the potential problems, my birthday preparations were made extremely difficult due to that situation, parents are literally locking up their kids and forbidding them to move around in Beirut. The situation is not the best ever, it’s dangerous and everything may as well blow up in Martyrs’ square today… But danger should never stop us, I went down to college last year when the 8th march forces were burning tires and advising everyone to stay home, or else… And I survived! So that wasn’t why I didn’t go.

I am just disappointed!

Yes I am disappointed, I am disappointed for a lot of reasons and because of a lot of actions that I considered to be “not good enough”. The mistakes that the cedar revolution patrons did started from the 2005 elections and never stopped. BUT in spite of that, I remained faithful to my revolution and to my choices, I went down to many demonstrations but this time, they crossed the line! What is particularly insulting for me is the repetitive submission to Hezbollah’s blackmail; no I won’t take that shit! Not that I don’t know how difficult the situation, I am fully aware of how delicate the situation is!

But there is not plausible excuse for this country to remain without a president! I don’t really care what the consequences would be… I demand a president! I live right next to the Dahieh and our building would be the first one to fall if Hezbollah chooses to retaliate, no one is more in danger than us. What must be done must be done, and some people must be put back to their places. It’s more than obvious than they don’t want a president. If they wanted a president they wouldn’t delegate Aoun to negotiate in the name of the opposition.

For the past couple of years, we have strictly refused a new General for President… Then we accepted, what does that mean? That means we’re mere cowards, no not cowards… Idiotic cowards! For it has not led to the election of Sleiman, no, it only gave the opposition an advantage that we can no longe take back. Now Hezbollah has moved to another achievement they now want to choose the government that suits them best… And Lebanon is still dangerously headless!

So no I won’t walk to the Martyrs’ Square, because a few months ago 14th of march officials were claiming they can elect a president because they had more than half of the parliament… But they didn’t and I refuse this move they made.

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