Friday, June 22, 2007

Reporting on the exam day I just had yesterday:

This semester I had exams before this one, actually one exam, our biotechnology Lab exam though it was strictly written exam there fore it was more like a course exam rather than a lab exam. Anyway that exam went well, actually it went so well that when I reached the 3rd question (out of 4) I was so happy that I had done so well, and noticing that I wasn’t so sure of my answer for the 4th question, especially that I was late and only had 5 min… I didn’t do it. Hey! The 50/100 is certain so what the hell anyway?

Now about yesterday… On Tuesday night I wasn’t hoping so much, I was late, I had 5 chapters to study all and all, on Tuesday I had only finished 2 chapters: Respiratory and Cardiac system (but had many blackholes in my memory since it needed revising) and had studied lightly 50% of the Digestive system and studied well some 30% of the Excretory system and hadn’t even opened the Microcirculation chapter… this was around midnight. I know it may sound fucked up how I partially studied so many bits of chapters but it was far better than I had studied for my exams last semester! So I had to make the choice: to study further or to sleep. I decided to take a bath and then review what I had already studied. And so I did, sleeping at around 2 am. I woke up very scared and nervous about the exam. But I thought to myself, I better study the respiratory system and the cardiac system since I know that will have much more notes than the other system (because this is a written exam for the lab work we had done, the lab work was mainly about the heart, respiration and adaptation of circulation).

My dad took me to college as he does everyday on his way to work, in college I learned the following shocking details:

  • My exam was at 10am and not 8 am….. but that’s not bad I got 2 additional studying hours

  • The digestive system was not for this exam (it was for the final course exam in a week!) which sucks because I had wasted so much time studying it and I had skipped studying the Excretory system to study the digestive system!

Ok not problem I survive, I focused on the respiratory and the cardiac system! Yalla courage! And I was pleasantly surprised to realize that my partial and limited knowledge exceeded my friends’ information, which meant that my studies had paid off and that I was doing a good job at it as I was able to explain it to them.

At 10am we read the questions…. The shock!!! All the questions were about the frog dissection we had done in lab! I forgot to study the lab shit! I was too busy studying the course that I forgot to check the 3 pages of lab instructions, that certainly cost me valuable notes but I didn’t give up I did as good as I could and tried to be as reflective and as analytic as possible, that’s what the Dr wants anyway.

As a conclusion I think I did pretty well… nshalla. But none of my classmates agreed, you see in the Lebanese University these people are used to plain and simple question, if you study hard you get 100% no thinking required. This teacher is different, not only she requires analysis and overall understanding but she also adjusts her exams in a way where even the best student would reach his/her limits, it’s almost impossible to have 100/100 with her, there’s always a detail you’ve skipped a small note you forgot there’s always a higher level to which you can take your answer… As far as I am concerned this is one of the best teachers I have ever met in the Lebanese University, in addition to the paleontology professor we had last year, I can’t imagine greater perfection in both lecturing and exams.

But the long day isn’t over yet, after this mind blowing exam, we had a lab session, this session was supposed to take place last week but back then it was postponed because of PM Walid Eido’s assassination. This was more or less fun and more or less instructive, but the heat, the lack of concentration and the headache the whole class suffered from made it intolerable. That was over at 2 15pm.

Then I had to work on fixing my memoire with my partner in the memoire from 2 30 till 6 pm. And still it wasn’t over, we needed some details about how to fix the bibliography in the end so we called the teacher in charge of our memoire she wasn’t home and her husband’s cell phone was with her son! FUCK! So we gave up, I took the memoire with me home and called her a while later.

So you can see my day was both productive and exhausting, and that’s why I was so absent lately. And about the braderie…. Ouuuu I hope I can go today! I have to wait till my mom comes home and see if I can leave G with her, she might have to take him to work with her… nshalla nshalla


Chris in MB said...

Thanks for the update and sounds good!

,but damn, your description of the day kind of brings back those old feelings of exam anxiety.

I hope you managed to make it to the book sale! :)

NOMAD said...

I can't imagine that you dissected a "frog" !ok, that was for the "pilori" anecdote :lol:

programmer craig said...

Those are the best kinds of teachers. Even the public schools had teachers like that when I was a kid, until I moved to California. Then, it was just as you say... memorize the course material. That is all. No fun, and no challenge, so long as you have time to study everything.

Sounds like you had quite an adventure. My days are almost never that eventful. I'm kind of jealous, even though it sounds stressful :)

Pazuzu said...

nomad: you have no idea how many animals I have beaten, cut, mutilated and squeezed... Biologists are monsters!

Craig: I have found myself to handle stress rather well, especially when it comes to dead ends, but I really don't find it exciting or amusing, in fact I hate it, I just do it cause I have to