Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jeha’s nail:

Before resuming blogging, I was busy with my moderating responsibility in the forum and had no time to check the blogosphere so often. So I used to check them in a hastily and just read headlines, except for my favorite blogs, those read in details but skipped comments of course. Now ever since I resumed blogging I actually realized what I was missing all the time, a few blogs I have newly discovered to be very interesting. These blogs rely on long posts so you need to take a few minutes reading them in order to understand them and appreciate their content.

Jeha’s nail:
Now when I first noticed his blog I found it rather cute, it had cute pictures in the corners (personally I never relied on pictures in that context), it had a cute overall interface. Over the last year I couldn’t follow well his blog and now that I have taken the time to read it in details I found it very interesting. First of all he has gained much more confidence in expressing his ideas, check the pictures in the sidebar, it’s much balder than before. He also relies on linking at other sites/articles/blogs, apparently he now knows his way around things, he has an article to support every word he says, he used very accurate terms that he never loses time on explaining (instead he just links to the appropriate article exhaustively discussing it) as a result when you read an entry you would be very interested but you find nothing to say as a comment, he does his homework well. And finally he expresses a strong interest in caricatures.

My impression as I analyze all that in my head is imaginative, a little sarcastic, not very confrontational preferring to attack with a joke, he is excessively reflective to the point where he would go from one journal to another to find that twist in a small article or a small sketch, in fact I get the impression that he finds it difficult to find a satisfying way to express his ideas and thoughts so he looks in what others have written to find that twist. Another thing about him, he is both opinionated and politically correct. Well maybe not exactly the right word to describe it but that can wait a second. First of all he’s opinionated, not necessarily stupidly stubborn but he doesn’t change his mind easily, after all his opinions and his stands have been taken after deep reflections and much reading. So in other words he wouldn’t have took that stand or adopted that point of view if he hadn’t questioned it, read about it, asked about it… In brief he puts a lot of effort in the idea he expresses so it isn’t so simple for him to change his mind. After all, he has probably heard a thousand times all the arguments with or against a certain idea; it’s unlikely for anyone to come up with some new argument to prove him wrong. Which takes us to the second point: Political correctness. Now I don’t mean to say he is a ass kisser or a hypocrite, in fact I am not even saying he’s diplomatic in the sense where he believes you’re wrong but tells you you’re right anyway, no. But before forming any opinion and as I have said before he did think about it a lot and thought of all sides of the story which means that he knows that there is not cutting line between the right and the wrong, he knows that he might take this side but those that took the other side have their arguments and their reasons to do so. So when he says something he avoids abusive and insulting terms (most people would use such terms believing they have the right to do so (if I call him an idiot it’s because he is an idiot kind of arguments). As a result he takes no sides, for example he is not clearly with any political group, probably because he fears stereotypical attacks against the arguments he gives.
One last clear thing about him, he’s a perfectionist by all means, under any angle… A perfectionist, his care in well positioning the pictures, the absence of dynamism in his blog, the way he insists/wants/needs that every entry would be grammatically flawless, no typos, every entry must be exactly like the first, the font, the size, the colour, the everything! Perfectionism in everything he does, from the way he forms his ideas to the way he expresses them.
In general I enjoy the atmosphere of his blog… Had I known him in person I would have asked him to review my analysis and tell me how accurate or inaccurate it is. But since I don’t know him at all I just hope he doesn’t notice all this unsolicited and rather nosy analysis coming from someone who really knows nothing about him, but I can’t help it, it’s in my blood to try and dissect everything to reach the core of everything.


programmer craig said...

Jeha is a good guy. I always enjoy reading his comments on the Lebanese blogs. And I say that even though I had a mini argument with him the first time I saw him commenting, over on Big Pharaoh's blog :)

NOMAD said...

just looking at his videos choice, sounds like someone you could have fun with

Pazuzu said...

lol craig, what's up with guys and this fighting hobby, there's a lebanese saying that could be translated to: you can only make a friend after a fight... I never understood this but I guess I am just a peaceful girl afterall

Nomad: I avoid videos usually, it takes forever to load and it cuts:P but now that you mention it maybe I'll check his choice of videos

programmer craig said...

Pazuzu, there's a lot of truth to that Lebanese saying, I think. It's difficult for me to respect a man who won't stand up for himself, even if it's only to defend his opinions.

I know it's different with women... but women have their own ways! Most women I've known will "get even" with somebody they have a grudge against, behind the scenes. I'm not sure if it's better or worse... just different :)

I'm not talking about you, Nomad.

Jeha said...

Mirrors are fascinating, this one no less... But Wine will remain the true mirror of the mind...