Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Scientific tip of the week:

According to this small article in Science & Vie>November>2006:

An Australopithecus baby (around 3 years) was found in 2000, right next to the famous Lucy. What’s the interesting is the analysis that showed that this kid was able to walk on 2 feet and live on trees.

Do you remember how they used to portray evolution? They show us an animal on 4 members that gradually stands on his feet and becomes human! Well this shows that humans and humanoids might have evolved from animals living in trees.

Of course this is no shock, last year in college we studied this subject, scientists have long noticed the resemblance between the bone structure of apes that live in trees and the human bone structure…

But in fact this discovery actually proves that Australopithecus are probably our cousins and not our ancestors.

Am I the only one to find this interesting?


Chris in MB said...

"Am I the only one to find this interesting?"

Of course not! Your interest in this sort of thing is what makes YOU interesting! :)

Einmal said...

thanks for your interest in my interests ya Chris

Chris in MB said...

you're welcome but thanks for being eclectic :)

I'm curious, what does the word "ya" mean? I've seen that before in other places. Is it some sort of saying or slang term?

Chris in MB said...

ehhh!!! that came out wrong!
-please make the "but" into "and"

Jos said...

We use "ya" to call someone. It can be omitted, but sometimes we use it to emphasis on something. Maybe Pazuzu has a better explanation:)

The subject you're talking about is interesting. Once I saw a documentary on 'arte tv' about it, it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I used to buy Sciences & Vie on regular basis, but now I don't have the time to read it anymore, so I stopped buying it (I'm reading lots of other things). So, anyway, keep us updated! :)

Einmal said...

No addition is needed

Chris in MB said...

"We use "ya" to call someone."

Can I use it to!!!
Oh, never mind...it would just look silly if I tried :(

ya Jos & Einmal?

...ya see what I mean :P