Monday, July 03, 2006

I didn't want to put a title to this entry but then I thought it'd be cuter to put this long meaningless title

I'm back, this time I didn't have much time to write, but surprisingly I did manage to write 3 entries as usual. But you could say I had a lot to say hehe, I wrote yet another entry concerning Gebran it seems that they'll just not let him rest in peace, and there were another political entry about the Palestinian problem in Lebanon, and finally there is a very unclassifiable entry that mixes Semitic languages, Phoenicians and some about me, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, it's too close to my own interests and there's a lot of talk about pretty silly stuff.

Note to Jokerman:
The author of the book L'histoire des juifs en France is Philippe Bourdel for Albin Michel.

Note to shlemazl:
I didn't get to read the article you posted I will this week promise!


jokerman said...

thank you thank you, i am sure it will offer a great insight into the franco-judaic relations, does it mention the Dreyfus affair??

Chris in MB said...

This is OT & trivial, but I MUST know what your profile image means!

What is "me wanna b appi"?
What's the icon of the face doing?

Pazuzu said...

Yes definitly, it actually has a whole section about it, well I am talking about the first part of the book, it has two parts btw.

LoL, I didn't think my icon is so troubling, I thought it was too obvious in fact!
Well "me wanna b appi" is a mutilation of "I want to be happy" as for the face, well it's a less than happy individual, it's the result of one of my bad days.

Chris in MB said...

And I thought it was Arabic or something exotic like that.

The face looks like someone ate a sour lemon, not really very unhappy.

Pazuzu said...

haha well I hate lemon so much that this means that I am happy with the compairison