Monday, June 12, 2006

Beachy Beachy Day

Yes! It's done, OVER, khlesna! well, ok ok, I am not exactly done I still have at least 6 exams for the second session in September. But I am very glad to be done for now.

(Check the title again!!) Yes Yes, I went to the Beach. Therefore I have completed my social activities for this year, see you all next summer. And by the way, I got burnt today, my back looks like a hot dog that was ran down by a truck. But it's not my fault! I swear. if it was up to me I would simply skip the sunbath part, only it feels weird to be swimming all alone in the pool when the girls are sleeping in the sun (not to mention that it attracts a lot of unwanted male company), so I obliged and sat in the burning sun of Jounieh, and it's only natural that I would fall asleep.

Anyway that wasn't the most marking feature of my day. You see, today was my last exam day (no I didn't do well, I shlemazl for that), and as we started doing our exam, we hear outside a very weird cough. Then the same cough again, personally I thought it was that old rusty Chemistry Professor in the alley between the classes. Then all of a sudden, a guy falls right there (I had a perfect view of the accident by the way), I thought he tripped or something. But he didn't get on his feet again, he had lost conscience. I look closer and I notice that it's Elie (a class mate), he was just lying there like a corpse. One of the supervisors ran to help him, she threw some water on his face. But he didn't wake up right ahead, it took him something like half a minute, before waking up. When he woke up he was in a weird state. He continued the exam none the less (weird!).

Rumors are circulating about why this has happened here are some theories and there authors:
  1. One of the supervisors is certain that the guy faint because he is the sort that panics before exams.

  2. Many BIOs are convinced that it's the trauma caused by the impact of reading the questions in the exam

  3. My mom says that he had certainly spent a sleepless night, and didn't have any breakfast (I am shocked she didn't mention anything about how often he changes his underwear!)

  4. Our neighbor thinks the guy's fraidy

  5. Now all three are plausible, only in my personal opinion, and judging from the terribly awkward cough he had I think it is some health problem

In other news:
I am planning to take a break tomorrow, to go and dig up some issues. It should be a busy day, and I should be able to brag about my new tan for a while, hehe.

P.S.: I know I said I'd post tomorrow, but then I don't want to waste my time tomorrow.


Leilouta said...

I heard of teens committing suicide in Tunisia because of the baccalaureate exams. Too sad that our last year of high-school in Tunisia is so hard.

shlemazl said...

"no I didn't do well, I [blame] shlemazl for that.

Sorry I did not wish you good luck, but you didn't tell us the date of your last exam.

Anyway, "good luck" for ALL future exams.

jokerman said...

You will do fine in the end!
Take it easy & dont stress out yourself too much, & enjoy your beach day.

Pazuzu said...

High school isn't so bad here, but first year biology's hell!

You're Jew you're supposed to know about this things lol

Thanks, btw the beach day was awesome