Sunday, May 21, 2006

Too late too little

So some people accuse an ultra conservative priest of pedophilia, in 2006 the Vatican kindly asks him to Quit his ecclesiastic practice, while refusing to ecclesiastical trial, because the poor priest is just too old (aw how heart breaking!).

I don’t mean to be blindly criticizing the church but these measures just don’t help me feel any positive feelings.


Herlock Sholmes said...

Horrible isn't it? Lately the church has turned a blind eye (or semi blind eye) on alot of things... But, they found the time to denounce the Da Vinci Code and found the money to mount a PR attack on it... Truely amazing

Leilouta said...

Good point Herlock.

jokerman said...

I would doubt the word LATELY, it's always been there.
& Regarding the Da Vinci Code, you must understand the fear that grips them from the thought of being swamped by researchers trying to reopen history & asking too many questions, whether there is something behind it or not, & undermine their power on the masses.

Pazuzu said...

well that's the funny part, all through our history there were always attacks and doubts about the church and even the dogmes of christianity, recently the church took a better perspective: ignore what's meaningless. But then came the Juda's gospels and the Da vinci's code, and despite the fact that the latter wasn't historically that interesting; the church went nuts trying to deny it. WHY?! And then you try to talk about women in church, about reform or about modernisation of the church, and you get totally ignored (what do you know about this, you're too young, or ignorant for all they care)