Thursday, May 04, 2006

Seven Students Injured in Clash between FPM and LF Members

I don’t get it! When I heard about it last night I thought to myself:

Bullshit! Morons all of them!

The LFPM claimed to be the victim, I didn’t buy it, they all claim to be victims all the time. When I read it on the naharnet, I noticed that the injured were from the LFPM. The LFPMers officially accused the LFers of attacking them, and the LFers only defense was at first: “they were provoking us” and later it became: “it’s a bunch of intruders that did this”. In other terms, it was the LFers who attacked the LFPMers.

I don’t know, this is stupid. I mean I was there, and yes, the LFPMers were more provocative than usual, but that’s no excuse. And yes the LFPM ensured 57 seats against 14 to the LF, but that’s very normal, in fact I think in the past years, the LFPM used to get more seats than this!

It’s just surreal!

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