Monday, May 15, 2006

LFPM, LF, My dad and I

So my dad finally said it! I knew he disliked the LFPM. And I knew he disliked Michel Aoun. He never cared to hide all that. But the other day he actually had the guts to admit that he thinks that all LFPM members are weird, hypocrite, pretentious weak, snob “kids” that enjoy looking cool, and wearing suits even if they are wearing those to go to the there job as waiters.

Not that I am proud of my dad talking like that. I’m ashamed to see this going on all around me. The amount of mutual disrespect is annoying and disgusting.

I am trying to be as rational as possible. I am trying to have some independent view of this. And what do I get? Irrational Xenophobia everywhere!

My dad’s not THAT bad. Most of the time he criticizes the LFPM’s political perspective, and Michel Aoun’s stupidity (call me irrational if you like, but I honestly believe the guy’s stupid or demented). But yesterday he spilled it. He said he believed the LFPM members are all stupid and attracted by stupidity!

Needless to say that I have heard the opposite perspective many times on the other side of the river, since my university is a LFPM property (remember the elections?). The LFPM think that the LF members are barbaric close minded retarded people that are worthy of no pity.

It may be wisest to conclude all this saying that trying to see the thin line (aka truth), led me no where. Oh wait! It did lead me somewhere it led me to being despised by all. My dad repeatedly said that I wouldn’t know about it, I just didn’t live the war. LFPM members simply exclude my opinion because I am an LF member (remember the the LF members are barbaric close minded retarded people that are worthy of no pity. thing ?)

Well what can I say, I am happy being myself and saying provocative things (even if I usually chicken before proving any point and end up being the losing part, haha). I mean my mom thinks I’m a lesbian, while I know am not, so they can all be wrong about who I am, only I know who I am!


jokerman said...

I really do not know the difference between the LFMP & LF so i cannot say much about a subject i do not know.
I apologize as i wrote to you thinking you were, for some unknown reason, a guy & it turns out you are were not.
If your mum thinks you are lesbian then perhaps you profess an unsual attitude toward the idea of marriage as most mothers think this way, but what's with that rainbow in the flag? a symbol for tolerance of differences??

Pazuzu said...

Well, I don't know if you know much about lebanese politics, but if you've heard about Michel Aoun then you're not very far. The LFPM is Aoun's party (they are mostly known as Aounist) and the LF are there traditional "enemies". While the LF expands in the countryside the LFPM is the Snob's party.

But about me being Lesbian, I think that I often display less conventional lifestyle, but nothing that radical. But the main problem, when it comes to my mom's point of view, is the fact that I never was romantic with any guy, and that I fiercely defend homosexuals and homosexuality. I don't know I feel that I believe in this despite the fact that none of my family even slightly agrees.