Friday, May 12, 2006


Well I haven’t updated in a while and for a reason alright. Last week, my motherboard died, and for funding reasons, I am unable to neither fix it nor preserve my internet connection at home. In other terms I’m gone for good now, I MIGHT update once a week, but nothing fancy anymore. I just can’t afford it. I am not saying I am going to get bored, I have tons of books I can read, not to mention my coming exams and my second session (to redo the last semester’s failed exams). So I have a full schedule. But somehow I feel bitter. Because last year in the summer, I had everything planned. I even saved up money for my internet connection for the whole winter, and also for my magazine expenses, which covers almost everything for me, and still I had some 200$ excess, but it’s only at the start of winter that my parents told me that they can’t pay my college expenses (only 200$ but viewing my budget it’s a lot) and then they couldn’t pay for my transportation to college, and then they had to buy some new couches and they took 100$ from me. So half way to the summer, I became broke, but somehow I survived (not SOMEhow, my brother was paying for the internet and my parents for the magazines. Now my brother can’t pay anymore. SO no more internet!
I am not blaming my parents for this, I could have avoided it, I could have put my money in a bank account, but I chose not to, and I realized this would be the result, but I suppose I wanted to be better than I am.
Anyway, what’s done is done. Maybe this is for the best, who knows, who cares anyway. I subscribed today in the CCF (centre culturel français) it’s cheap and it gives me access to lots of books! Until I am able to send anything else:



Nomad said...

I hope to see you soon, until that, don't get married, please !

try to finish your studies, and may be, apply for a job in research, why not in France ?

Pazuzu said...

Oh merci nomad, NO I am not getting married anytime soon! I couldnt get married even if I wanted to!

And btw, I'd surely like to see what it's like to live in france (or in other places too) but I doubt I can find any research job in lebanon :()