Sunday, April 16, 2006

So the whole world's nuts?

I don’t know what to think about all these things going on in Egypt. I can’t help but to sympathize with these people, being a minority is just not simple, not simple to live not even simple to explain, there are so many dimension to such a situation.

I know what Christians in here feel, we feel like we are a minority when it come to the Arab world, and we are actually slowly turning into a minority in Lebanon itself. On this base we radically refuse the Arab Union, personally I do try to think of it objectively, but when I am all alone I can’t help but to think:
“Damn Rebecca, it’s fucked up. There are no benefits and Arabs just don’t like us Lebanese, there is a certain protection in our situation in Lebanon, we are not a small minority, but if we join the Arab union we will be a minority, and we will be digested”

However, I saw what this mentality drove my homeland into. I saw what the Christians did when they felt there presence in Lebanon was threatened. If I could I’d scream for the Copts in Egypt and tell them that it’s not worth it, that it will drive them even deeper in the pit they are in right now. But then, what is the alternative that I can give them?

The incident was a direct result of the lack of security, not that the government couldn’t protect them, but because it didn’t want to. I know it, the Copts know it, and the Muslims know it. But still the lies are thrown in the Copts’ faces they tell the guy was mentally ill, that the security forces did all they could, it’s like beating your child and telling him its his fault. In Lebanon, this is the first time that such news reaches us (at least ever since I can remember). The Egyptian Copts in Lebanon demonstrated in front of the Egyptian embassy, the ambassador received them, and start giving them all the shit that they always receive, when they questioned a governmental involvement the ambassador started telling them they are “exaggerating” that even in the USA such incidence happen (remember 9/11 ), even in Lebanon such things happen (remember what happened to president Hariri ). Damn!! Even I felt provoked by his answer, Take the Hariri assassination, that was done with 300Kilos of TNT, the explosion literally make the earth shake in Beirut, it was not an individual act, and the security system was held responsible of conspiring, the highest four security officials are in jail for that. The Hariri’s assassination was not done by one (crazy) individual holding ONE knife going from one church to the other stabbing people! There is no way to compare.

Yeah I sure understand the frustration they must feel. But still there demonstrations and the murder of a Muslim won’t fix anything, if only they can see, or at least listen to those that CAN see. But after 21 years of experience in this sectarian hell I do understand, even if I don’t excuse, the blindness that one must feel in this situation. It’s so much easier to give in to the instincts of isolation, violence and hatred. It’s all much easier than trying to understand it, because it can’t be understood. It’s called human stupidity, which is (according to Einstein) unlimited.

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