Monday, April 17, 2006


While I was spending easter at my uncles’ place (Oh did I say that I spend easter with the whole family gathered? No? well who cares anyway). Anyway I had the national geographic French version magazine (yes I knew national geographic had a magazine but not a french version!) anyway I asked for a Dictionnary (bad French language when taken from the scientific sector), my uncle gave me this huge old (ancient!!!) Dictionnary. AN awesome work, it’s better than any dictionary I have at home.

Anyway the point is, I found the word Rebec. Naturally I was interested since my name’s Rebecca. Apparently it’s a medieval musical instrument deriving from the Arabic Rabab (ربابة ( Very funny to know, it is considered as one of the ancestors of the violon (my favorite instrument).

That’s so cute!

The Rebec Page


Leilouta said...

اسم على مسمى :)
My name is Leila and I love الليل.
It is my favorite time of the day.

Pazuzu said...

I think it's easy to love the night and its lovers too ;)

Nomad said...

il semble que ce soit arabo-andalous

Pazuzu said...

oui d'après ce que j'avais compris c'est à travers l'andalousie que cet instrument est passé en europe, mais la rababa est initiallement arabe, elle est toujours employée dans la peninsule arabe, on avait l'habitude de se moquer de cet instrument (mes amis et moi) car il emet des sons très bizzare! haha