Monday, April 03, 2006

Not very Cool

In the 13th century, motivated by the Pope Innocent III’s approval (Massacre them all, for good knows his own) and to protect the church of god, Simon de Montfort launched a crusade against the Cathars. In 1209, he kills 15000 individual, proudly declaring that he has killed them all, he was wrong, so he had to do another crusade, the castle of Lastours resisted the assault for many years, until it finally fell and so came the end of the Catharist ideology.

One of the most significant moments of this crusade was when De Montfort was messing with the Cathar resistance’s mind, he gathered 100 prisoner cut of there lips and there noses, with burst eyes (among other things) and made them walk in a chain lead by one guy, to whom he left one eye (lucky bastard!) and told them to walk all the way to the castle of Lastours and deliver a message from De Monfort saying that if the latter does not give up he, and all those behind him will suffer the same fate.

What an artist! I haven’t heard of such atrocities in the name of god, except for the Assyrian ones.

A rather interesting part of the story is that this crusade was in fact part of the whole crusade shit that was meant to protect the doctrine. The next time any Muslim would complain about the west attacking Islam, and giving the example of the crusades, I’ll just remind them that it was all about politics, and this time I’ll remind them that it could have been much worse and the only reason that they feel so mistreated, was in fact because they survived to remember these facts. And the next time, the catholic zealots around here would tell me about how righteous the church was, and how it helped the world be a better place, winking at the slavery thingy and the rights of women, I’ll just remind those that the Cathars were in fact Christians and that they were very liberal, they allowed women to become priests and they believed in poverty and all that shit that the church still fails to embrace at our modern days.


Nomad said...

as women, didn't you know, we are not supposed to have a spirit ! so why should we worry to become priest or what ever so ?(lol) yea, I remember that story about the cathars... it was a kind of revolution spread first in Bulgaria, yougoslavia, south-west of France . the purpose and success was against the church and priests corruption. It didnt work that time, but later came the protestantism, and you know it success story ! anyway, as Karl Marx says, "religion is the opium populo" and it keeps the populo under addiction, so you can do of them what you want

Nomad said...

complement : Bogomil, was the bulgarian monk at the origine of this movement !

Pazuzu said...

lol nowadays the excuse to exclude women from church is more scientific it's because we are physically less performant, therefore we can't carry this heavy weight!
And btw what fascinated me about catharism was that I had never heard of i, I had heard about some sects about the crusade about the corruption of the church but not this example, it was interesting, I only started hearing about recently when I started reading history french magazines, and science et vie lol.

Nomad said...

well, it is interessant, for thoses beliefs are a mixture of persian aryanism and early christian churches doctrines

physically less performant but more resistant !