Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Arabs and sex

A Lebanese guy offering a ride in his car for a female that he sees on the street.

A Khaliji (a person from the gulf), staring from the ankle of his eye at the waitress, while ordering a meal.

An Egyptian flooding a girl on the street with some shit like: “Ya Gameel, Ya Sokar, Ya Aaçal…”

These, my friends, are the most obvious examples of the sexual frustration from which we suffer. I don’t mind sexual obsession (I secretly love it!), but mix sexual oppression and sexual obsession→ the result is lethal.

In fact we do talk about sex (even if we don’t have it, but we still talk about it) but we often talk about it ambiguously. We don’t call it “pleasures of the flesh” we call them pleasures of love…. Like YEAAAAAAH!!! LOVE!.

Even our own language is ambiguous when it comes to sex. Consider the following sentence:

Two individuals of the same genus, and from the same gender are having sex

Try translating this sentence to Arabic:

فردين من نفس الجنس و من نفس الجنس يمارسان الجنس

Unfortunately, in Arabic جنس =sex; gender or genus. In other terms the sentence would also mean:

Two individuals of the same sex and of the same sex are having sex

What a linguistic loss!
Further more some people use the word جنس to say jeans so imagine saying:

Two individuals of the same genus, and from the same gender are having sex in jeans

فردين من نفس الجنس و من نفس الجنس يمارسان الجنس بالجنس

In English:

Two individuals of the same sex and of the same sex are having sex in sex

What a fucked up situation, but then who dares to talk about homosexuality in Lebanon anyway.

The word “


” is often avoided because it is more or less restricted to a sinful act, if we want to saying fucking without being slang we’d say things like


to share a bed or to sleep with, which isn’t really adequate because it is not a specific word for sex and also because it is not perceived as a normal thing, the word is phonetically awkward; another word is


to copulate (too scientific and not very human!).

In the same subject, in Arabic the word for masturbating is

العادة السّريّة

damn the word alone is scary, I personally don’t use it! I prefer using the French word, there is another word for it


which is actually worse because it literally means self-inflicting semen, this practically excludes me, and so I don’t like it either.

How are we supposed to talk about these subjects when we don’t have any words to express them clearly? As I said before I prefer using French, Arabic is so impotent!


Leilouta said...

I have to add a few Tunisian examples:
اشبيه الفراز ما اليز؟
محلاك يا سخطة
اوووووه عالزين
يا نوارة
يا عسلة
ملا سخطة

Pazuzu said...

ملا سخطة
يا نوارة
محلاك يا سخطة
these are almost incomprehensible to me. while the rest are "understandable", but yet so weird!

Leilouta said...

سخطة = sunburn !!
Yea...it is weird!

The Sandmonkey said...

how about sartanah for masturbation?

I also love the word Nika7. I love using it as a synonim to fucking, in the most vulgar way. Matenka7neesh fe demaghy. Ya Mankoo7.

Ok, I am weird. But it's funny!

Pazuzu said...

LOL leilouta, I thought سخطة had something to do with سخط I thought it had something to do with ladies inducing "rage" in men !

Pazuzu said...

I was going to mention that word in the post, but you see the first time I read that word was in the Koran where there were something like :
وانكحوا ما طاب لكم من النساء
I don't know that's what I remember, I was a kid back then lol. so the word just sounded too slang, same as I didn't use the word نيك I was trying to seek some "serious" word
BTW you people say sartanah for masturbate? it is a cute word lol

Leilouta said...

Whoa... I had no idea SM could talk like that.I am in shock!!! :)
I never heard the word sartanah before , but it means "for sure" in French.

Pazuzu said...

> sartanah before , but it means "for sure" in French
" Certainement " you mean?