Friday, April 07, 2006

I’ll never look at a can of pepsi the same way again in my life:

The last week was a physiological challenge for me.
Not only it’s that week of the month!
Not only I didn’t sleep well all week long.
Not only I fell asleep when I was teaching my little brother (3 fucking times!!!!)
Not only I have been criticized yet again because of the book I’m reading.
But the worst yet of all is that it had been a week of constant nausea.

I am not sure why but I have been feeling nauseated all week long, I think it has something to do with the weather. But my immune system has been spoiling me so much that I hate feeling sick.

Anyway it culminated today when I woke up feeling so sick I was going to throw up. I asked my mom if she had some malox and her answer was (with a nasty I just woke up look):


Finally she said she had something that might help, she gave me some weird syrup, I think it’s for kids not adults because it didn’t help much.

In the bus I was feeling even worse, I was certain: vomit or diarrhea

Well I managed to avoid both evils, instead I had a world war raging in my stomach… No seriously when I put my hand on my belly I was able to feel the riot circulating from one side to another of my intestines.

All I could think of was an old story that my aunt told me. It goes like this:

When my aunt was a kid, there were some weird customers that would come to visit her aunt, her aunt had a small grocery store, one of those guys was really freaky! My aunt didn’t like to bring him stuff. The guy demanded a pepsi and when my aunt was forced to bring it to him, she secretly shook it in the other room, the shaking was so intense that when the guy opened it the pepsi was projected right to the wall…
Needless to say that my aunt didn’t go to the store for a while.

I couldn’t help thinking of the analogy between my situation and the pepsi can. From now on I will have more respect for pepsi.

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