Friday, April 07, 2006

55 things I hope to do, see or have before I die:

Some of the following points are things that I have achieved and would like to repeat, but most are things I have never done before:

  1. Graduate

  2. Score 60/100 in some exam (other than the statistics thingy in the first year biology)

  3. Have a job in something that has something to do with biology

  4. Witness the discovery of a Neanderthal in Lebanon

  5. See one or both of my brothers graduate

  6. Hear my mom talking well in English (or at least saying the word Daughterright!)

  7. Have my aunt stop convincing me to become a doctor

  8. Make my mom realize I have no talent in anything.

  9. doing some shopping for some cosmetic stuff and enjoying it.

  10. know the truth about Harir’s death (not sure if I would like to know that but I am curious)

  11. Witness the Lebanese independence

  12. See a Lebanese female politician (like a real politician, not just a politician’s widow ).

  13. See a non-corrupted politician (yeah right I’d have more luck with #12)

  14. Master the German language.

  15. Learn Norwegian.

  16. Learn anthropology

  17. Have a boyfriend

  18. Propose to Waleed without being rejected

  19. Have good sex (good and sex must be simultaneous)

  20. Watch good pornography (good and porn must be simultaneous too)

  21. Sex on the beach.

  22. meet a homosexual (preferably in Lebanon)

  23. Drive a car

  24. Have a car

  25. live alone

  26. Getting drunk again

  27. Trying hashishe

  28. Go to a Nightclub

  29. travel

  30. Order a delivery

  31. See my dad supporting feminism.

  32. Eat a whole quiche all by myself

  33. Walk on the street without having some guy harassing me

  34. Sing in a karaoke night (God! I’m not sure I want that)

  35. Dance

  36. Be the center of attention without having an anxiety attack.

  37. shave my hair.

  38. Change a tire

  39. invent a substance that would make stupidity painful (imagine the screaming and crying!)

  40. Tell a jerk that he’s a jerk.

  41. Shoot a politician

  42. get a medal for #41

  43. Hear Shakira singing in Arabic

  44. Hear Hayfa Wehbe singing for real

  45. See Sabah retiring

  46. Have a bank account

  47. Have money to put in my bank account (preferably something higher than 100 000$)

  48. Go to the cinema twice in one year

  49. See an Arab guy washing the dishes while his wife is watching TV

  50. Meet a handsome Syrian guy

  51. Meet a French person who isn’t cute

  52. Meet an Italian that doesn’t always flirt

  53. Meet an Egyptian that doesn’t talk too fast

  54. Meet a Christian Lebanese who isn’t paranoid about the Fate of Christianity in the middle east.

  55. Manage to cook something edible

P.S.: #50,51,52,53,54 do NOT have to happen simultaneously


Leilouta said...

Nice list.
I feel like I know you better now :)
"Propose to Waleed without being rejected"
Who is waleed?
"Sex on the beach" as the drink , or literally sex on the beach?
"Hear Haifa Wehbe singing for real" hehehehe yea me too
"See an Arab guy washing the dishes while his wife is watching TV" heheehe me too.
Egyptians talk too fast? Really? I know that the women scream and cry a lot in the movies. I don't know anything about the talking fast part. I talk fast myself :)

Pazuzu said...

Waleed's a guy I like to joke with, I asked him to marry me he said: you're too smart, we'll kill each other at home.

Sex on the beach: the drink, because that's the only drink my brother recomands and that I havent tasted yet. (and because its name is "sex on the beach" haha)

I was going to mention that people from north africa talk fast too hihi but then I never met anyone from there, I met many egyptians and it's often a miracle if I manage to understand more than 3 words lol.

Nomad said...

I saw an arab washing the dishes while my step mother was watching TV : my step father, a djiboutian !

she managed it !

Pazuzu said...

wow nomad that is interesting. We should put that in the guiness book

Nomad said...

Well, he was living inFrance