Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Aoun: Majority Should Apologize to Lahoud and Invite Him to Participate in Dialogue

So let me get this straight. The majority should APOLOGISE?!
Oh for Christ sake Mr. le Général, what the hell are you doing?

Please people be patient on this guy, 15 years of exile apparently did marvelous work on this general. You see people, while Mr. Aoun was exiled in France his followers suffered bitter humiliation in here. They were banned from expressing there opinion they demonstrated, they were stepped on, hit with all sorts of metal objects…

Why? Because they believed in this guy, because this guy 20 years back stood at the steps of a dying Lebanon and said: “Great people of Lebanon…” And he promised them liberation, he promised them that he will never shake the hands of any external force. He rejected categorically Israel, Syria, France, USA, Iran…Ironically, if Paris wouldn’t have accepted him in its land, he would have been dead by now.

And now what does he do? He simply sells his people to the Syrians. Oh you might think I’m too harsh on him, but let’s face it: Lahoud is a coward that’s hiding under the Syrian skirt, and the only reason why he is against the deposition of Lahoud, is that Aoun wants to replace him. Aoun wants to be the next Mr. Le Président. But no one’s stupid enough to allow that! ( I hope) so he keeps on putting sticks in wheels.

What a marvelous policy!

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