Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random news

The last few days were great days! Not that anything special or great happened, but simply that I came to the term of the struggle I was fighting since the start of the year, you could say that I came to accept the fact that at any day I will stop the unlimited internet connection at home. So the first college semester is fucked, but I feel now that I can make it up during the summer. In fact I always feared that I’d lose the internet at home, but suddenly when I came to accept it I actually lost interest in chatting, and I don’t feel so cut off.

Anyway, the other good news is that someone dropped by and left me a few comments; that’s so encouraging. Thanks Steven. And btw the link you left in one of your comments I visited only to find out that the only reason I did not add this link to my bookmarks is the mere fact that I know the address by heart, yes I already know this link and at a certain time I was addicted to it, I won’t talk about the specific fields of interest in it.

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