Friday, March 10, 2006

Neo Sexism

N.B.: I pose my ideas the way I see them, I am very tolerant, very reasonable and very objective, but not scientific. Thus I rarely used moderating expressions not that I generalize but simply because I do not feel it is commode to constantly rounding angles. Object if you like.

I was thinking of posting this quite a while back, and today I put a post on a blog that reminded me of this topic so here it is:

Neo feminism and Neo Sexism:

Society’s a necessity. No one can reasonably deny that fact. It’s built to the liking of the majority so, as democracy, it holds the illusion of justice. For most people are satisfied and the minority simply don’t exist. Yes it provides protection and safety and the human contact that we, as social animals, need. But the price we pay is pretty high.

In many societies feminism is the social cast for ugly women that don’t shave and wear no bras. For other societies it’s the group pf women that object no matter what. In general, feminists are not taken seriously, sometimes they go unnoticed. That’s the case in my, Lebanese, society. In here women simply don’t think about the social stereotyping that restricts there rights and there well being. Women are simply oblivious to the unexpressed potentials that they hold within.

Take an average nice, loving (and loved), talented housewife. Ask her about her career why she doesn’t work, and what she thinks about it. What would she answer?

“Well work is very gratifying, it builds a woman’s self esteem and it provides the extra income that supports the family… But when I had my second (or 3rd or 4th …) child I became overwhelmed. I couldn’t provide the care that my home needs AND keep on working and since my family and my children are the most important thing for me I preferred to take a break from work.”

Very loving and caring… But why should this choice be necessary? A house is built on the cooperation of both parents right? Which loving father is unconcerned with his children’s growth, which father leaves the raising of his children totally to his wife? NONE!! A man’s always the one to make the choices when it comes to “how” should the children be raised! And how many men accept that there wives interfere in “how” the man should run his business? Very few, and those that accept counseling from there wives are either clearly overwhelmed by there wives’ intellect (hence there wives shouldn’t be excluded from the working market in the first place).

Ask a woman about that ↑ what does she say?

“Well... true... but then it’s not worth it, I am happy it’s OK.”

Shit! How is anyone to explain that? Personally I see it as the ultimate oppression: The oppression that the oppressed individual inflicts to him/herself.

Many women do work and they work like slaves to “provide” the needs of there families. Oh and there loving husbands help out, sometimes. Sometimes there men wash there own dish, sometimes there men tolerate the fact that the meal is not ready when they arrive home… Very generous my female hormones are very pleased … NOT!

They say I am exaggerating, they say I am subjective… Well I don’t argue with them about that. I just don’t care. I don’t have faith in them and I will not take this shit from them.

But sometimes I DO fight back and I do tell them that I believe the Lebanese society is a sexist society. That women don’t have there rights. The most common thing that I am answered with is a smile (←smug and very insulting for me). And then they say:

“Women have more rights than they ought to! Women are often less qualified, because they have lesser grades, and they have less physical power, and women menstruate (sometimes they don’t mention the menstruation thingy).”

Sometimes some people have the audacity to say:

“Well Feminists are pretty lame in there demands, they are more represented in many sectors and they are effectively better paid.”

I just hate that. The truth is that in the admission of the European Union that even in the EU women are still less paid and have less right… Mind you!... In the EU: where the European parliament contains a very high percentage of effective female politics. But some Lebanese Neo Sexists dare to say that women have more rights than they deserve. Oh and did I mention that the people that talk like this are actually the intellectuals? The people that taught me how to have my own thinking and to doubt any truth before accepting it? It’s so saddening.

The only sector where women are more numerous than men, and more successful are: nursing, tourism, and similar sectors.

In the nursing sector women are better simply because they are more patient, less confronting AND they are more into “ear to ear” gossiping and are far better ar weaving webs of connection than men are. Which is a significant advantage, not to mention the historical fact that in the past where nursing appeared it was “left” for women, because it was considered as second hand task. It was no paid and it was not necessary, those that were rich paid for services (thus getting doctors) and to that were pour just didn’t matter, they were better of dead.

In tourism and other services, women are more represented because they are by far “better” they are better linguistics, and they are more patient and they are prettier. All three characteristics result partly of the social standardization itself, but they are 3 things that men just can’t compete with!

So we are left to have, relative dominance where we excel and we are reasonably excluded where we are equal and totally excluded where we are less performing…


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