Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good bye Gebran

Once again I find myself attempting to start a Blog! *crossing her fingers*
But the main issue this time is the ever lasting grief that I feel inside.
It has been more then two weeks now and all I still feel sad for the death of Gebran Tueni. But I will not talk about his life. Almost all of arabia, and certainly all of lebanon, has already raced me for that.
Some people might have disliked him, but I worshiped him! Too bad I needed to witness his death to realise just how much I admired this man. He was unpaired, I was raised in a maronite family sinking in the love of the church and the lebanese Kata'eb... Unfortunatly I failed to keep that legacy. But after all one can't follow a belief if she/he feels that it makes no sense. However Gebran made perfect sense. At the times when the syrians were titans around here he stood up and denounced them. He was bolder then Bashir El Jemayel, wiser then President Sarkis, and more reliable then Jumblat. It's hard to believe he is dead, but he is, and his dream is dead.
We like to believe that we carry and preserve the people that we love in our hearts and through our love. But it's just and appeasing lie. Those who die just turn to ash and nothing we can do or say will ever change that.

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