Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Day 2 of blog life

Well it seems that I am attempting to make this blog work, since I came back the second day. Well today I was mainly thinking, same as most days, of myself… It’s weird how meaningless my existence seems! I have no real dream in my life, I have a clear plan about my future but I don’t even try to work for it, I am a very average person but I stay away from people. I am frightened at the perspective of living my whole life in my country near the people that I was raised with. I love my country but not that much. All I want in life is happiness lol. As if that had any meaning at all! We all need to say that, to say that we know what we want and to give it that name: “happiness”… Shit what is happiness?! I know that satisfying my natural needs is essential to be happy, but that is NOT enough! We are social animals, we need that social happiness, but the trick is that there is no way to reach that happiness. Society imposes that weird series of rules that we are to follow if we ever intend to be part of this society. But then as we grow older we learn new rules. With time, rules turn into a complex network similar to the graphic of a Brownian movement. Then we are introduced to the concept of compromise and finding limits between extremes. Which is nothing but a great lesson of submission since we are taught to admire extreme people, to call them wild, charismatic etc… but at the same time we are never to be like them, in fact those people were total failure in family life and preserving a good relationship with there close environment (the effective tool for social framing). So in fact the “cool people” are the people that are insensitive for that social drug (aka acceptance) there fore they are doomed to make the biggest struggles to reach our state of content… Ironic isn’t it… We admire them but in fact they make all this effort to reach our level of satisfaction…

Pazuzu who feels stupid.


Mr.B said...

hey hey hey
I wanted to say something about your post, but it doesnt matter that much, I think I just remember what I wanted to write, but maybe id' better not write it, after all everyone lives his own experience and has his own explanations.
So hi there. Now you have a comment.
BTW sta7ayt saying this on the other blog, but the only time I tasted bayd ghanam I was sure it definitely smelled like sperm... and I was persuaded that they taste the same as human balls. That I'm sure of, but cant explain why, it's as if I tasted human testicles in a nother life.
Whatever the case I'm never ordering these things again.

Mr.B said...

It's weird I feel the same way about some things i read on your last post. It's even more weird considering that I came up myself with conclusions that are close to yours, yet I did all the thinking by myself, without any external influence.
We must have something in common, something I think a lot of persons have in common.

I'm not insensitive to the social drug, but block it. In some situations, smile from a beautiful stranger, having somone who loves me... etc. I can feel it and my view on the world changes.
Unfortunately these days can be counted on the fingers of my hand.

Man I'm f***ng up my sleep pattern again.

Have a nice day.

Pazuzu said...

Haha, it’s a good thing you posted it here, because I can’t find the Blog in which I posted the comment! I’ll try to search for it when I finish. Btw if that sandwich tasted so bad then maybe it was too raw or maybe they didn’tt put enough garlic or spices, because I remember eating it without much vegetables or anything and it tasted pretty well. Unless it was some male ego that was offended from eating something genitals hehe.

Pazuzu said...

Latest News : I found it:D *feels very smart*