Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's the season...

... for family dinner and being totally uncomfortable! And to be honest, 2011 seems to be totally starting on the wrong foot with a massive melancholy state which has so far been going on for 5 days and counting.

So instead of going into a personal rant about ME, let's just wrap up MY 2010 and dream about MY  2011, not because New Year's eve is more special than any other eve of the year, but simply because one can't spend every night blogging about hopes and achievements (or maybe we can...). So anyway, here are the best moments of 2010 and the best hopes for 2011:

Top 5 achievements of the year 2010:
  • Freelancing: After almost 3 years of working full time in the Lebanese civil society, I have finally broken out of the 9-5, few months long cycle. Though I had built an amazing experience through each and every job I have taken, and though the Lebanese civil society has taught me almost everything I know now, I was just suffocating. I did not really plan for it, I was rather thrown into freelancing, and the 1st 8th were scary, but to be honest I just feel like I regained my sanity somehow.
  • Travel: In 2010, I visited 5 countries, absolutely loved 2 of them, but in each one of the countries I learned a lot, had a good time and learned more about myself.
  • New gadgets: this year I have bought a laptop, 3 cell phones (lost two of them actually), and installed ubuntu (yes I consider that to be an achievement :) )
  • Self-care: I learned how to cook enough to feed myself in a healthy way (while saving money of course)
  • Growing up: This year, and more precisely this summer, I have come to realize I am not a kid anymore, it sounds trivial and honestly I wasn't sure I should include this in my list of achievement, it's kind of sad, but now I firmly believe I am not just learning and experimenting anymore.
 Top 5 resolutions/hopes for 2011:
  • Quit smoking: I know, I know, 2 years and at least 14 failed attempts are not encouraging, but who knows maybe 2011 is the right year for it
  • Less anger: I've been angry and bitter for too long. Yes, some of the things that have happened to me were not fair and some people I have met were not nice. But fuck it!
  • Back to school: I also say this every year, but this year is the year in which I'll go back to school and do my freaking neuroscience masters, no? :D
  • Tattoo #2. It's been a while
  • To be happy/happier
 And so boys and girls I leave you with the following message, sent to me on Christmas day from my uncle:

I wish U Peace, Love & Health, Blah, Blah, Blah. Fuck that Shit, Wish U Lots Of Sex, best babes or boys, finest Alcohol, longest 'Cigars', strong Orgasms & Hope u win the Fuckin' Lottery. Merry christmas :D

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