Sunday, October 17, 2010

.@Islamblog: #Germany: multiculturalism has 'failed' says Merkel - #europe #islam #racism

A few points that bug me with this statement:
1- if multiculturalism has failed in their opinion, what will the monoculture look like? and would they bother to define it before implementing it
2- Migrants are not beggars, they go to their hosting countries to work and live with the money that they earn through (very) hard work. It is time for all the ex-colonizers to understand that it's a give and take. Even asylum seekers don't just take from hosting countries, they often put in their minds and their work (however they can work), they improve the image of the country they take refuge in, and they allow for these countries to level up as a "developed country"... it's about time!
3- how exactly are they planning to homogenize the monocultural germany? a la Hitler by simply killing the "others"? or a la Sarkozi, by giving them 300euros and expelling them? or a la Middle Ages, by declaring a crusade against them? or simply a la libanaise, by putting them in jail and harassing them into settling with the status of unwanted (though indispensable) parasites (though they put in more work and effort than the average citizen) who will eventually have to leave sooner or later (because Lebanon is not a refuge destination)?

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