Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Tad Bit More Lebanese Racism

Photocredit: Farfahinne's photostream

I was coming back from the office today... omg! the latest work updates are totally gossip material, but not in this post... so it's and the bus, taking out Maya Agelou's The Heart of Woman. And before I get the book out of my overcharged lovely backpack, I notice a scribble on the back of the seat in front of me: Don't sleep with Black you have AIDS

.I was speechless, as always, to Lebanese individuals' ability to be racist. I felt like scribbling something in response, like: Nah, don't sleep with Black you will notice that you're sex life sucked thus far. But then again thinking of the ordeal some Blacks endured recently, I figured it's better not to go into this futile argument that will sexually exoticize a vulnerable group even more.

Then I thought I should take a picture of it, but then again I don't have a camera... maybe I should start a fund to support my effort in capturing Random Lebanese Pop Racism.

In the meantime I will just use this image taken by Farfahinne during the demonstration organized by CLDH in front of the obnoxious detention center, under the Adlieh prison, a shitload of racism takes place behind those barres.

And don't forget to join us at 24/7 to blog and tweet for better working/living conditions for migrant workers and refugees in Lebanon (and the Middle East), starting the 24th of April.

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