Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The funniest twitterer

SO yes the world of twitter is unusual, that's what I always say. Today was no exceptions with two interesting twitter encounters.
Through Fulla's twitter, I come across Amin Gemayel's twitter.
If you don't know Fulla, she's the veiled barbie, yes not the most honoring of objects, but a bunch of Lebanese (and Lebanese residents) reclaimed this toy by launching a campaign to make full our next president (or MP or whatever).
If you don't know Amine Gemayel then you've probably never heard Lebanese politics. He is an ex-president and an extreme right-wing adept.
Anyway, point is that I wanted to check this Gemayel twitter. And the post by the Syria News Wire titled: Exclusive interview with Amin Gemayel. It is very amusing, but then on closer inspection, you would notice that Syria News wants to taunt readers and tease them: Is it Amine? Or is it not Amine? That is the question.
It is true, as Syria wire pointed out, the twitterer did not give any incriminating evidence by the way s/he spoke.
But let's be serious. I find it close to impossible for this twitter user to be Amine Gemayel. Not because I don't take twitter seriously I make my living out of social media. And not because politicians never use twitter... Obama?
But here are my clues:
  1. Notice the profile picture, even I can get my hands on a picture with a better resolution.

  2. Notice the background, the pixelated background is painful. All political parties, including the Kataeb which is headed by Gemayel, are putting outrageous amounts of money in the campaigns.

  3. And finally for the least reliable arguments but that I find most compelling. The language. Amine Gemayel is a hardcore French-educated, bourgeois. He can speak professional English, but would not use English on a regular, day-to-day basis. The twitterer on the other hands is a chatter English person...

So I don't see how can this twitterer be Gemayel himself. Unless Syria News knows this but is just messing with readers' heads. Though reading this article was a great pleasure I couldn't help but to feel disgusted by the reference to Gemayel being gay... I would be very happy to know Gemayel is gay but this use of the term "gay" as synonymous to insult (mainly in the first comment made) is just sad.

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