Thursday, February 05, 2009


Now, to those who have seen my blog before it is no secret that I like photography and one day, when I'm old and wise, I'll get myself that cool camera that I dream of right now. And I know that art can be extreme, I have seen a cross in piss and period blood, I have seen dismembered individuals, I have seen a lot of extreme art, but sometimes, some photographers/ should i put it? I don't want to say that they go too far, because there is not far enough and no too far, there is just what moves and what does not move. I guess the best way to put it is by saying that sometimes art work seems silly and empty... Check out the following picture:

Laying eggs photo ©2009 aline smithson

I don't get it... is it supposed to be funny?


Aline said...

For heaven's sake, yes! I was thinking about how I could create a visual "prank"...just for fun, without great meaning infused.

Pazuzu said...

ok then... but there is one problem it has a lot of meaning for people who have bowl and digestive problems ;)

georges said...

Non, je crois qu'il s'agit de quelqu'un qui a fait une overdose d'oeufs aux Pâques précédentes (dans le temps, ça m'arrivait chaque année).

Toutefois, on dirait que ces oeufs ont été cuits et rougis spécialement pour la photo, car ils sont trop fades (pas graissés pour luire, par de petites feuilles vertes dessus).

Une fois la photo faite, elle/il a dû tout retirer à la main, pour ne pas boucher le WC, ce qui veut dire qu'elle/il a dû bien nettoyer ses chiottes avant de passer au travail, n'est-ce pas?