Monday, January 19, 2009

The pleasures of having three different Browsers

I remember when my brother showed me the brand new Opera Browser I was like: Blah, I like my internet explorer :-l. Yes I was always the kind that fears change. Now I can't function without having a myriad of browsers, just for the heck of it. I always had an equally huge number of email accounts, but to be honest, I never really used them all, I always used one very often and then when I get sick of it i move to another one.
Well, recently i have been more or less forced to use like 5 different email accounts and to check them regularly. You see I finally convinced the people I work with that the best thing to do is to move to blogger and to hell with wordpress, I just never got used to wordpress to be honest (it's not that blogger is better, I am just more used to it). And I have been working on this new template that is supposed to be totally kick-ass and professional.
That is frankly why I haven't updated my blog, anytime I am having online is going straight to working on the details of the new blog! it's so time consuming, especially that I chose to be very moronic and put myself a very high standard, I chose a very awesome template but that requires a lot of customization and html work... But I am sure it'll be worth it.
Now what I hadn't thought of was the fact that before I know it, I became this blogger expert that is recruited anytime the NGO I work in needs something remotely related to blogging... I secretly love that :)
So when we started brainstorming about the brand new feminist collective, that we have just launched a few days ago (without any cakes, or fireworks of course) we wanted a new blog and of course I am supposed to set it up.
So now I have two personal emails that I check regularly (the funny one that all of you know already) my professional one that I use to apply for jobs, but also there is the gmail that I used to establish the new Meem Blog and the new gmail that I just created to make a blog for the feminist collective, and this exact moment I need all of them to be open at the same time, since I am multitasking and expecting emails and/or working on all of them. So here's what I do:
  • I open my personal fun email using on Firefox

  • I open my personal but professional email using thunderbird

  • I open my professional email using outlook

  • I open my Meem Blog email using on Chrome

  • I open my Feminist collective email using on Internet explorer

I'm so funny sometimes :D

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