Sunday, January 11, 2009

Google is heavenly

I am a big google fan, like a really really big google fan, google is my platonic lover, really! Now I know that the wight background in the google search engine kind of consumes energy, because ... well it's wight. But you can't come to me and say making 2 google searches produces as much carbon dioxide as boiling water :(. That's irrational! give me facts or figures, PLEASE.
You see, a lesson I have learned in my pseudo carrier in science and journalism is that, when it comes to writing, science is still science but scientists are the world's greatest drama queens and when it comes to media, BBC is the ultimate opportunistic Diva.
So...No! I refuse to believe.


ezou said...

Google rocks :P
so they r saying that the google carbon cost is high?
let them compare it another search engine or should we drop searching?????

Pazuzu said...

*snivels and wipes tears of her eyes*
Tell them big bro, tell them :,(

NOMAD said...

hey, don't forget that google is spying you

also that it belongs to the great global Soro's conspiracy er global warming...

Pazuzu said...

i dont care, i still love it

Chris in MB said...

omg... your first mistake is taking anything on the BBC seriously :P

Seems like you haven't heard. Most scientists have become political activists these days and everyone is now a scientist you see. btw, wth is a scientist anyhow? as an engineer I guess I'm also one eh? I took many science classes too. :D

btw, I wonder how much the carbon cost for that study was? oh... I know, they will say it's carbon neutral because the results of the study will supposedly educate people right? :P

Congratulations, you've just joined the ranks of the so called "deniers" and "flat earthers". Welcome! :D