Friday, January 04, 2008

October, November, December … and January the come back

October, November, December … and January the come back
As it is the case everytime I disappear, though I never intend to disappear in the first place, I do have a lot going on with my life. Yes on October the winter depression did come back and it’s been difficult to shake it off. But that’s not all, my social life has been more active, and again that’s not all. By the start of this year I broke my dating hymen and dated for the first time in my life! Don’t ask me for details, all I can say is that it was a very happy phase of my life but it is over now and I don’t want to talk about it. Meeming (that’s the verb deriving from meem) has been going very well, we celebrated our first year anniversary and we have many plans. My lab plan didn’t take off yet, because the more I know, the more I know I am lacking, now I am focused on studying how to commercialize and advertize my plan. Plus I need to narrow my project to a very concrete level… Still a lot of brainstorming to do!
But I missed writing not that I wasn’t writing anything. So starting today I will link on this blog everything I write anywhere else on the web and just to keep you folks updated, I have written a few things on the meem blog:

Plus there are entries from all the girls, from all styles and with all sorts of talk… Check them out they are interesting. Et merci Nomade pour avoir pris le temps de le voir. And to avoid any misunderstanding the comments are monitored by the lady in charge of the blog, Shant, any comment is welcome but the first time a person makes a comment, it won’t appear till Shant approves the IP address of the author. So it might take some time.’
Other than this I have been working on a new website: Biologus. It has been a long time I have been working on it, but didn’t have the time to properly take care of it, it’s still under construction, and I will also gradually move some of my science work posted here to that website, the point of the website is to be… a website! Not a blog, in addition to the fact that I have the intention to put its address on my CV so I want to work on it to gradually turn it into a professional website. SO far I have uploaded five articles to it:

Let me see… what else has happened? Well two of my articles have been published in the Beirut Marathon magazine, the first was titled “Running and evolution” (or something like that.. I know! I know! I suck! I should get a copy but I don’t have one) and the second was titled “Why running is better than a diet”. It must’ve been 6 articles by now, but the Marathon has been facing organizational problems and stuff… No problem.
And I have one article published in the Haigazian University Herald… Now that was funny thing, I was asked to give an article by a friend of mine, I presented three and gave her the choice. She chose one of them Titled “iro0n Maiden” and in it I talk about the… Iron Maiden! Not the band, but the torture device, pretty cool huh? And that’s not it, when I saw someone showed me the magazine I was shocked to see that I was the least qualified people who posted anything on that page, there were a woman from a famous newspaper in Lebanon ( I don’t remember the title of the magazine) and there were a University Professor and I don’t remember the third… When my friend wanted to write a couple of words under my name to introduce me she wrote “Bio Graduate from the Lebanese University”… She didn’t want to write “Just a no one that no one else than me knows”:P


Running Forever said...

hi there.. we would be delighted to give you copies of our magazine... please send us a mailing address and your pen name...
I am curious as to what organizational problems at the marathon you are referring to?

thanks a lot
Mark Dickinson

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I really enjoy to hear from you

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I found your blog and don't see it a coincidence. If you want to write more about yourself, do. If this request bothers you, disregard the meme plague I'm spreading here: