Tuesday, August 07, 2007

knock, knock


Kind of pretty non?


NOMAD said...

this reminds me your auto-portrait you draw last year ; kind of same mood ?

Severian said...

Hm, nomad..what mood is that..vampirish? Reversion to lamia and lilith mode? Ah, well, Pazuzu might be many things but I think parasite is not one of them. :-)

Severian said...



NOMAD said...

uhe, I didn't think to these images demonising the woman nature (dear to the single God religions though) but to the image that Pazuzu gave of herself : a girl who was searching herself :lol:

seems to me that I prefer the Amazones image, their comportment was more active than those of Lamia or Lilith ; I have the impression that the latters underwent more their feminine condition than the amazones


Pazuzu said...

LoL Nomad I didn't think it was so obvious!

But yes it's not going so well

Severian said...

Ah, Nomad yes, an Amazon approach to womanhood does seem like a more sure path to happiness than the Lilith or Lamia path. But all women cannot be as such.

I had done some research on these mythological characters last year and I thought of them on seeing the picture and thought Pazuzu might appreciate the links.

Let's remember that many feel the demonic nature of Lilith and Lamia was assigned to them by patriarchal societies, fearful of the dark and mysterious aspect of female sexuality. (hm did we see some of that fear in some previous posts here?). For me there is some appeal.

programmer craig said...

OK< well, since Pazuzu lets her friends insult me but doesn't let me reply, it's clear I'm not wanted on this blog. Thanks for your hospitality in the past, anyway, Pazuzu.

xoussef said...

coucou Nomad..

Blogosphere is so small after all ^^

NOMAD said...

coucou Xoussef, yes blogosphere is small ;

euh Severian, my neurones are dizzy since I went for a break To Luxemburg

Pazuzu, definitly I am For the "Amazones" side, otherwise I think I would be "dead" by now :lol:

me thinks that some men share the "lilith" side, more than we can imagine :lol: