Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week in photo

Now in terms of information, the Scientific American remains my site of choice, that is no secret, but there is a site with outstanding charm the National Geographic news!

A very interesting feature of this site is, as it is the case with the Nat Geo magazine, the great emphasis on pictures. Pictures are the neglected child of science, though the early scientists were naturalists, that simply loved to observe nature, the visual part simply faded and lost its initial role, we stoped enjoying pictures as scientists, we simply use them as a means of explanation, clarification. But pictures, can be a great pleasure, that might not help with transmitting knowledge directly (there fore can't be used in those BIG, sophisticated references) but they can play a great role in humanizing science.

Well maybe my opinion is biased in this, being the daughter of an amateur photographer makes me particularly vulnerable to lovely pictures.

But here's a funny use of pictures, in the week in photo category you'd find this week two interesting photos:


Not bad for a dress made out of condoms! Don't you think? Actually I can say that this is one of the best colorful dresses I have every seen, but the design does seem a bit poor, the model looks like a tank in it. More fit for a children's fashion... But I guess that dressing kids with condoms won't be so socially and ethically acceptable now would it?

Second picture of the week: the tallest guy weds:


I don't know what does this picture demonstrate exactly...

  • Every beast will find a beauty that will love him?

  • In most parts of the world, romance is still nonexistent? and marriages are ruled by money and social opression?

Well I get the feeling that both are incomplete, inaccurate and rather naive conclusions, but what is undeniable is that this picture demonstrates the persistence of our circus-like curiosity and infatuation with exoticism as a sign of our normality's superiority and not as a celebration of human diversity.


Liev said...

Damn the condoms making up that skirt are long ones!

Here is a nicer picture of that Chinese couple, she looks a little happier:

Here is a site with a picture of the world's tallest and shortest men meeting in China:

I really like this picture..they are trying to shake hands but the giant's finger is the size of the midget's arm. But they are both human beings like us. Amazing and wonderful!

Yes we humans are so visual and pictures have so much impact. Thinking of the Abu Graib Prison torture scandal. We'd heard stories of such things for years but when we actually SEE it...

Pazuzu said...

Damn the condoms making up that skirt are long ones!
Yes they are! I guess it's only for aesthetic purposes only :P I don't expect the average population to have that size

And yes I did notice that the woman didn't seem happy at all. Thanks for the links

NOMAD said...

direct link for the tallest and the shortest

it's funny that we can see the extremes in China, I read once they have a child (now he might be grown-up) all covered with fur like a monkey

NOMAD said...

the woman said she has feelings for her hubby

anyway, their latest marriage was spnsorised and is used for promoting tourism in Mongolia

NOMAD said...

the baby with an animal face

Apparently he is 26 to 30 years old now, became a pop-rock singer, and had to be operated from his ears, one had to remove growing fur in there that prevented him to have a good ear for music purpose

his look by now

programmer craig said...


Damn the condoms making up that skirt are long ones!

I was going to say the same thing, but I chickened out :O

programmer craig said...

Here is a site with a picture of the world's tallest and shortest men meeting in China

Wow! What a contrast! And the strangest thing is that they both look like relatively well proportioned people!