Monday, September 11, 2006

Worst thing about this week:

My mom went to my brother’s school on Thursday. They said they wouldn’t accept him in school unless we pay this year’s entrance fees (around 150$) and some of last year’s (we still owe them 600$ from last year). Not to mention that we still owe my elder brother’s school some 600$ too and that I need around 300$ for college. I don’t see how will we pay this with my dad’s mediocre salary. But we could also borrow money from my brother (he was going to pay his school anyway), but this would probably the worst thing ever for my dad since he always believed that he would do anything to provide us with the best start ever, not to raise us and make us work so that we would pay his bills. My dad actually works almost 12 hours/day, 7 days a week in spite of a terrible back pain.

You might wonder why we let ourselves into this shit? Well… What choices do we have, in Lebanon there’s little social protection, for elementary school, private schools are a must, and as for my elder brother, well he couldn’t go to public school after high school because he failed his exams, so my parents went for public institutes (money can buy anything) and as far as I am concerned, the 300$ are for the whole academic year so it's not much.

I just wish I had worked this year!


Maxxed`ouT said...

I admire parents like your dad .
God will provide , don't worry !

Pazuzu said...

I know, we've been in similar situations before but it hurts to feel so helpless