Monday, September 04, 2006

Ron Arad

I have heard this week about a program that the LBC has prepared and will broadcast on the 5th and 6th of September about Ron Arad and the other Israeli prisoners.

In Lebanon, there weren’t any excessive interest in this issue, of course we are all looking forward to watch it but not exactly worried about it or anything. But I can only imagine the state of mind of the soldier’s parents and family. I have mentioned last week my own uncle and we are fully aware of his certain death, but still my grandparents still hope. It’s really difficult to let a person go when they never get the chance to actually touch the person, to directly say “Goodbye”.

I have heard that Israeli sources classify this as part of the psychological war. Personally, I find it unlikely; I believe that this is just a TV thing, in order to get publicity and money from it.
I find it difficult to believe that the LBC would engage in a psychological war against Israel, 70% of the employees in that company are still LF members. The company would never defend Israel or even try to help any Israeli family in reaching a conclusion about their lost child. But they will certainly not move a finger in a psychological war against Israel.

The real problem is that this will not really be a “documentary” or an “investigation”, it will just be a TV thing meant to provoke so much feelings and so much tears and anger. I worry about the parents hoping too much, stressing too much, and then discovering later that the whole thing was not worth it. My biggest worries is that the LBC would try to give the impression that Ron Arad’s fate is still uncertain, or worse, maybe that there were something that could have been done but wasn’t done. I trust that IF there were 0.00000001% chance that Arad was still alive, then the Israeli secret services would have been the first to know, not to mention that Hezbollah would have tried to take some profit from it. Opening 20 years old wounds will be painful for them. Unless this program has any sort of useful information for the parents then it would be really immoral. But then again, when did TV have any moral.

I’ll try to watch the program and maybe record it, but I don’t know I think that the Arad family shouldn’t give it much importance we all know he’s dead.


shlemazl said...

It's morally repulsive. If they have any real information it should go to the relatives of Ron Arad.

Pazuzu said...