Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To make sense, or not to make sense

So let’s sum it up in order for it to make more sense:

  1. Nasrallah Rules Out Integrating Hizbullah into the Army :
    Like DUH!!! How do you expect Sayyed Nasrallah to pay for all those illiterate men once he will hand over the weapons (they were discouraged from going to school, by both Hezbollah and the Israeli occupation)

  2. Berri Walks Out of Parliamentary Session After Heated Debate Over Syrian Summons for Jumblat
    The Question that made him lose his tempers was simple: Mr. President, you say Syria’s doors are wide open to the Prime minister, tell us Mr. President which doors are open? Diplomatic doors or Jail doors?

  3. Syrian Border Guards Erect New Barrier Near Baalbek
    Should I comment on this? It’s OUR land get the fuck out! But hey. Let’s be fair, we did win in this issue in the end and they did retreat

  4. 25 May: Liberation Day!
    6 years ago, when the Israelis first left the south of Lebanon everyone was happy, it was a national day for ALL Lebanon. Now only Hezbollah’s celebrating it, oh and of course Mr. Emile Lahoud.

  5. U.S. State Department Calls Syrian Warrant Against Jumblat Provocation:
    Of course it’s a provocation, a rather childish one too! Excuse me, but Jumblat’s a Parliament member, he can’t be touched by these charges! And what did Jumblat say anyway? Did he call Bashar el Assad a Slave? Did he call Bassel el Assad, for example, a Dog? No he didn’t!

  6. Mubarak Holds Separate Talks with Lahoud, Saniora on Lebanon-Syria Ties
    That’s what we used to do while taking care of kids (usually works better for kids younger than 13)

So we calculate it, sum it, change it, twist it, it’s unreadable! Our politics is either constipated or constipating!


jokerman said...

Syrian regime is in trouble, they are doing anything to prove they are still in control of things, but they are losing it fast, as for bashar, i think he should've stuck to opthalmology better, he is no politician

Fares said...

yes I second that, time for a change in Syria

Enough opression

Pazuzu said...

Yes as they say: when the heads change, you better hide yours.

it's so frustrating to live in here right now.

But I think Bashar would have been a terrible ophtalmologist, I don't know why but I just feel it.

jokerman said...

He couldn't possibly be worse than what he's doing now!!!

Pazuzu said...

Haha 3ish ktir bitshoof ktir