Saturday, April 08, 2006

Meet Karim Gemayel

Can you people see the guy in this picture? I know you can see the woman, but try to concentrate on the guy.

This guy is a television figure, politics and stuff. He’s not that good in politics by the way, but there’s a lot of shitty people everywhere, and this particular one takes a lot of cresdit because his last name is Gemayel, Karim gemayel to be exact. SO as any public figure he chews on the same standard sentences times and times again:

“Muslims and Christians in Lebanon live in peace”
“It’s just the politics that is sectarian in Lebanon.”
“There is no reason why all Lebanese would live in one united, prosper and progressive country.”

Yeah sure, that’s very sweet and soft.

However it happens that this guy visited 3 times the restaurant that I worked in during the summer, he was coming with some other smug Lebanese that works in the embassy (the Italian embassy if I am not mistaking).

On his first visit, the guys were sitting with another guy. The conversation was about comparing the European medieval age and the current Arab situation.

Typical Maronite/Christian Lebanese conversation. They all talked, ranted, the gemayel dude kept observing all the ladies passing by. Finally they came to a simple conclusion:

“The Arab world will never rise from its dark ages like Europe did, simply because the Arab world is ruled by Muslims”

Another time they were around, they had a different guy with them. He was apparently Muslim. Almost the same conversation was revisited. This time there were so much talk about the wisdom of “Ali Bin Abi Taleb” and the conclusion was rephrased as following:

”The reason why the Arab world sinks in darkness is simply because the most influential countries in this Arab world are Sunni

Needless to say that this meant only that the Muslim guy with them is Shiite.

Eh oui! That’s my Lebanon.


Nomad said...

before your civil war, we used to think that Lebanon was a kind of modern Switzerland for other arab countries

Leilouta said...

Did he leave you a good tip at least? :P

Pazuzu said...

nomad: I always like to think of lebanon as a modern switzerland :D but it's not.

Pazuzu said...

actually leilouta, he didnt pay the tip, the other guy paid, and that other guy always leaves good tips !

Fadi said...

I know this Karim Gemayel guy, he used to be a classmate of mine,...
hihihi.... hilarious thread

Einmal said...

lol fadi... was he always like this?

Einmal said...

lol fadi... was he always like this?