Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So the LFPM has a Blog now! That’s cool. When I read about it in a The Lebanese Bloggers entry I thought it was about some regular Blogger in the Lebanese Blogosphere. I was pleasantly surprised to know that it’s no one other then the ever famous Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement Aoun’s Political party for those of you who don’t know.
Anyway, I am PoPwisdom kind of people, I take wisdom from the silliest of sources, I learned from Heroes IV to be bold haha! And I learned from the Wikipedia welcome message that I don’t really have to be a peacemaker, I don’t have to avoid people hearing some of my opinions even if they’ll hate me for it. The reason for this hors sujet sentence is because I have this awkward relationship with the LFPM. I was raised in a Marnite Christian family that mainly gets along with the Lebanese Phalanges and thus the Lebanese Forces. Respecting the LFPM was never difficult; there were never much harsh feeling about them in my family. But when the 14th of March came, and Aoun came back from Paris and Geagea out of prison and all, I felt that it was time for me to make a stand. Not necessarily to choose a side but to sort out my feelings about this. Day in day out, I realize I have no admiration for Aoun, the guy’s just not worthy of all the loyal people behind him. But I always felt that my opinion was biased by the conditions I grew up in, so I never said anything, and I repeatedly defended the LFPM in my Pro-lebanese forces’ environment.

Recently I have made a decision:

I don’t like Aoun and I won’t hide it anymore!

I apologize in advance to all the LFPM members, I know you like him but I don’t. This doesn’t mean I like Geagea, this doesn’t mean I hate Aoun, I will always defend and support Aoun whenever his opinions are reasonable and smart. But don’t expect me to like that egocentric, self-declared Président and most of all irresponsible individual.

P.S.: the Blog is cute but I’d wait a while before judging it, I hope it gets better with time.


Omega80 said...

Hey buddy, if you would like to link to our Blog and vice versa, please click here: http://lfpm.org/blog/?p=4 thanks!

Pazuzu said...

thanks for dropping by.

I did it, I am not sure that it worked but anyway.

A woman in bLuE.. said...

Great post Pazuzu!