Monday, April 10, 2006


Studies have showed that the female Guppy Fish relies, in her choice of the male, on other female Guppy Fishes. Apparently, if an elder fish chooses one male, then the other female will most likely (70-80% of the cases) choose the same male, but only if the other female is Older!!

Ha! No wonder Married men always seem sexier. It’s our fish genes.


Leilouta said...

I think married women seem sexier.
Something about a taken pretty womam that drives guys crazy.Maybe the fact that they know they can't get her or that she is not a threat to them.

Pazuzu said...

Yes. I suppose it isn't so clear, but according to what I know, it's more about saving the effort. If a person is already chosen by another person, then that implies that this potential partner must have "something" interesting. But then unlike Guppy Fishes we don't simply want what others have:P or at least most of us don't.