Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm back

Yeah I know it's a silly question that we ask ourselves when we are 13 then forget about it at 14 y/o. But then I never promised to act smart or to be an adult, if it was up to me I'd still a child.

And most of all... We never find the answer; we are just bound to repeat that question forever. It’s sort like the search for the Holy Grail. We imagine it shiny and incrusted with diamonds, but we all know that Jesus could have never and would have never used such a thing. And most of all we know now for a FACT that we'll never find it and that it most probably never existed.

The Bible, as most religious references never bothered to explain "why" God created us, most myths center around how it happened. The actual purpose is usually left to the work of clerical authorities. In my reserved catholic environment, I was led to believe that God created us to serve him.

But why would God have any need for us?? We are not even good pets; we are ugly, clumsy, week mortal and untamable! We are bad servants, if God created us and created us according to his own picture, then why are we so awful? Either case this is absurd. God is no sadist, if he was then he is not the God that Catholism preaches and there fore. God can’t be the God that I know and want human being to serve him in order to reach heaven, he’s a father! My dad never gave birth to me so that I’d give him stuff?!

Now in the Hindu Ideology, Mankind arouses from the sacrifice of Purusha (the being beyond all others) or according to another version Mankind came from the shell of the egg which gave birth to Brahma. In other terms we are somehow special but still the result of a mistake.

In the Greek Mythology, things get spicier, for Zeus ordered the creation of Man as part of the creation of any other animal, but its creator Prometheus, found out that he has no more talents to give to this fragile creature – aka Man – so he gave him the ability of standing on two feet, like a god, and he gave us fire. History quickly rarely remembers Prometheus, Zeus’ cooler while in fact, Prometheus loved man kind for some reason (probably cause Zeus exiled Prometheus’ family to the Tartar) whatever it was Prometheus’ love for mankind got him eternal suffering, yeah that’s right Prometheus’ the got that is tied to a rock for ever watching a crow eating his liver helplessly, and hopelessly.

In different Mythology Mankind is one way or the other bound to be sad, to suffer, and most of all, never to find the answer to the famous question: “Just why are we here”. Existence is as meaningless as emptiness.

Yes I realize that these are just myths. They reflect nothing of reality, but two reasonable human beings wouldn’t disagree to the fact that the mythological answers to existential questions are merely the echoes of ancient answers to those questions, it is also the mean by which society (via religious authority) preserves its and our well being (ok at least it’s stagnancy and its existence).

In many religions mankind is simply unwanted. In many religions we ought to overcome our human nature to reach our purpose. It’s so sad how, in the mind of most of us, being human is being archaic, wrong, painful… Why is human nature so badly perceived? Why can’t we be great by just being human? Oddly enough the zealots that preaches the: “Be better then what your human body dictates philosophy” are the same ones who fight homosexuality because it’s “against nature’s course”.

Oh and let’s not forget all the people that believe that our presence on this earth is a transition. This is such a romantic idea you know, because as we grow up and older we can’t stop the idea from our head, we keep saying to ourselves: “This can’t be IT, there must be more to life than all this emptiness!”

Maybe none of us reached the real answer to the question of the day: “WHY?!” Maybe that is why we all weave this mystical world where everything will make sense, where pain will cease, where joy is for ever and where pleasure is pure. We call it so many names; we propose so many ways to reach it, rules, lifestyles, gods everything… Everything!!

Yes I know that if people would read this many would disagree. Many would say that God does exist and he is the purpose of humanity. Others might say that the look in a happy child’s face is enough to make everything right. To others yet, the key is in those words whispered in the silence of the night. And in fact that’s the beauty of existential questions… There is no Right answers there fore there are no Wrong ones either! Cool isn’t it? For each his/her path, answer, lifestyle…

Shitty Subject to mark my come back to this weblog that I happen to like a lot, but all it’s not my fault lol, it’s this time of the year that does all this to me. Last week was the start of the fast season, so many memories related to that fact. Sweet memories that will never come back.


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