Monday, March 27, 2006

I admit it was stupid, I won't feel offended if you laughed.

So this is how my day started:
1. Woke up with low serotonin level (naturally I haven’t slept well).
2. Logged in.
3. Started messing with the settings of my template at 7 am.
4. Did a lot of work of which I was satisfied.
5. Messed some more with my template.
6. Made the mistake of “erasing most of the settings” & “saving the changes”.
7. Discovered that my whole blog was transferred to the picture of an empty blog!
8. Lost my temper.
9. Felt lost.
10. Planned for a come back.
11. Searched for any previous page in which I had the complete (OLD) codes for the template via the back button (yeah I know! You could say I was desperate).
12. Investigated and found out that my posts are all intact but the display was unavailable.
13. Felt as if I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! → All I had to do was to find some template settings.
14. Discovered a very sweet, cute, wonderful, life saving button: the “pick new” button.
15. La Dolce vita…..ah I got my template back….
16. I tried to cry but that didn’t work I was too busy laughing at my stupidity!
17. Accepted, with relief, that I will have to redo all the cool stuff that I want to do to the page (I have the cute edit me buttons hihi).

The lesson all of you boys and girls ought to learn from this tragedy is:

Messing and screwing up your stuff is great!

But a better way would be to mess with your stuff with a full stomach and less multitasking.


Nomad said...

so, you have got plenty of busy spare time !

Pazuzu said...

hihi. Well yes sort of.

Leilouta said...

6. Made the mistake of “erasing most of the settings” & “saving the changes”.

That sounds just like me :)

Pazuzu said...

LoL, maybe this has something to do with our female hormones?