Friday, January 06, 2006

Inside the tragedy of Lebanisation:

In the March 2005 eventful period we thought we had seen miracles taking place. We thought we entered history, pictures of young, pretty (die in jealousy all of you Arabs who envy our pretty female participation!! Buwahaha) protesters giving flowers to soldiers, pictures of hundreds of thousands, millions demonstrating peacefully and happily. We thought the world finally will keep this picture in its mind about us the Lebanese.

But you know what? There is no word in dictionaries connecting Lebanisation to any positive event, do you?

Try googling the word Libanisation (yes the French version of Lebanesation) you’ll find the word everywhere.

You see after our glorious civil war, we became a fine example of division among people, sectarian atrocities. Someone, somewhere in this endless world started using the word Libanisation to define just that.

After the civil war was over, there was this sense of total despair in the Lebanese society, Lebanon was dead for all of us. People had lost so much only to realize that they lost it all just so that they’d lose even more. As a desperate come back, some old dudes launched a courageous, unprecedented, heroic quest to re-establish the Lebanese pride… There crusade soon gave its fruits, they made us all proud, they … they…

They renounced the use of the term Libanisation………..WOW…

Now there actual achievement was that they demanded Larousse to remove the word Libanisation from its dictionary. This didn’t remove the word from use, actually this term was so powerful that francophone journalists replaced the word Balkanisation with Libanisation.

Nowadays they talk about the : libanisation de l’intifada and the libanisation de l’Irak

Lebanese people say


as to say: to make something Lebanese, for example the Lebanese elections should be lebanised! (aren’t we Lebanese so cute?☺)

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